Student Testimonials

The following comments are from former students of On Camera Training.

"I am convinced that your class has instilled into me a sense of professionalism and an "I can do it" attitude. Last week, I got bumped up to a day player on HBO's "VEEP" and I am positive that as a result of your teaching and spirit I was able to hold my own in a scene with Tony Hale and Jessica St. Clair. Thank you so much for that work that you put into our class as well as the rest of the industry. In your debt" - David Beeks

"I still remember how scary it was when I first saw myself on camera in your class. There is still learning to do but I am proud of how far I have come and I couldn’t have done it without you and your class I am so grateful to you for your support and guidance. You are an amazing teacher and I am proof that anyone can learn how to be on camera if they take your class. I look forward to taking another class with you in the future. With Warmest Regards" - Heather Soubra

"Thank you Brenna you saved the day! I received a late request to do a news anchor Teleprompter gig. It was too late to call you for a consultation. Fortunately, I found my notes from your Teleprompter class. Your training boosted my confidence and I felt more professional going to the studio. I am so glad I took your class - and those notes! Many thanks" - Tony Moore, SAG-AFTRA

"Brenna combines her extensive acting experience with a comfortable atmosphere to help you gain a new perspective. More a life coach than an instructor, she has a passion that's contagious. Whether you are new to the camera or a seasoned pro, you will benefit from this course". - Bill Heneghan

"I love Brenna’s classes. She is an outstanding teacher and her positive attitude and style were a perfect fit for me. She is my Acting Coach!" - Brenda Curtis

"Brenna is one of my favorite teachers. I trust her completely. She is an engaging blend of long standing success-filled experience, humor and accessibility. Every observation she's made about me or fellow students rang like glittering truth. I also love that she cultivates in her students, not only the craft of acting, but a sense of adventure, improvisation in life and as a form of preparation for camera work, career planning, and a healthy mind set."

"I was cast as a principal for an AOL promo. I drove past your class studio to and from the set, and offered little "Thank You" sighs in the air. "

Brenna, you are an incredible teacher! I had such a great time in your classes (Basic and Master On Camera Training) and am amazed at the results of your tricks/exercises. I learned a lot as an actor about how to optimize my performance for commercials. I had no Idea there was so much to learn! I loved these classes and plan to take your teleprompter the next time it is offered. I have been telling all of my friends and fellow actors "if you want to get into acting for commercials, you MUST take Brenna's classes and read her book!"- Ron Bush

"I got much more out of the classes than you advertise. Your insights into the business were so very helpful to me."

"Anytime I get in front of a camera it's part acting and part the camera training you and John teach. Most of the time, it's the skills you teach. "

"Thanks to you and John for a great practical course. I love the inside tips and tricks in your book too."

"You are a wonderful teacher, and I learned amazing things from you. "

"I just booked my first lead in an industrial training video. I always look back to your class every time I'm going in front of the camera."

"I want to thank you for your positive energy and the tremendously useful knowledge I gained from your course. "

"Thank you for what you do in your classes. Your a phenomenal teacher, and your encouragement means the world to me. "

"I wish I had known about you and your classes earlier in my career. I want to thank you for getting me ready and giving me the confidence to go on-camera. "