Frequently Asked Questions

How long are classes?

The Skill Sharpening Workshop is 2 ½ hours long

Where are classes held?

At our studio 2426 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. Second Floor.

Do you allow anyone to audit classes?

No. I am happy to pass along telephone numbers or email addresses of people who have taken class at On-Camera Training so you can talk to someone who has taken class with me.

If I am just starting out, which class is best for me?

One of the classes I teach at Theatre Lab or Shakespeare Theatre  (www.theatrelab.org or www.Shakespearetheatre.org)

Can I bring my boyfriend, mom, or friend to class with me?

Yes, they will be directed to our kitchen/conference room to wait for you while you participate in class. They will not be allowed in the studio while we work.

What should I wear to class?

I suggest people dress comfortably for class. Casual clothing that you can move in.

Do you teach children?

No, I direct parents and their children to Linda Townsend Management or Camera Ready Kids.

I often teach a summer camp for kids at Betsy Royall Casting in Baltimore. Classes are held at her office/studio.

Am I too old to start a new career?

No, this industry uses people of all ages and you can work as long as you want. As we say in our book, YOU CAN WORK ON-CAMERA, this is an industry you can enter successfully at any age.

Do you place students after class?

No. I am not a talent agency or casting director. It is up to the student to send out their headshot and resume and meet casting directors and agents. Participants in class are encouraged to be aware of the opportunities in the region by using the internet. They share the information in class with each other creating a positive learning and work experience. We begin each class with “how was your week and what did you do for your career” discussion.

Do you offer private coaching?

Yes, both John and I coach one-on-one at our studio. We charge $95 an hour.

Do you coach outside the studio?

Yes, we can come to your location and the cost depends upon the size of the job, travel and equipment costs.

Do you offer classes for schools?

Yes, we give workshops for schools, organizations, and camps. We will craft our workshop according to your needs.

Can an outside source rent your studio?

Yes, I can direct you to the person who handles the rental of the space.


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